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New year in Berlin, Austrian white christmas, and alpine christmas
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    1 January

    New Year's Day/Capodanno (Friday)

    6 January

    Epiphany/Epifania (Wednesday)

    4 April

    Easter Sunday

    5 April

    Easter Monday

    25 April

    Liberation Day/Anniversario della Liberazione (Sunday)

    1 May

    Labour Day/Festa del Lavoro (Saturday)

    2 June

    Republic's Day/Festa nazionale della Repubblica (Wednesday)

    15 August

    Assumption Day/Ferragosto (Sunday)

    1 November

    All Saints' Day/Festa di Tutti i Santi (Monday)

    8 December

    Immaculate Conception/Immacolata Concezione (Wednesday)

    25 December

    Christmas Day/Natale (Saturday)

    26 December

    St Stephen’s Day/Santo Stefano (Sunday)


    Regional Saint's Holidays in Italy 2010

    14 January

    Feast of San Ponziano di Spoleto (Spoleto), Thursday

    24 January

    Feast of San Feliciano da Foligno (Foligno), Sunday

    29 January

    Feast of San Costanzo (Perugia), Friday

    9 February

    Feast of San Rinaldo (Nocera Umbra), Tuesday

    23 March

    Feast of San Benedetto (Norcia), Tuesday

    25 April

    Feast of St-Mark (Venice), Sunday

    16 May

    Feast of Sant'Ubaldo (Gubbio), Sunday

    24 June

    Feast of St-John the Baptist (Florence, Turin, Genoa), Thursday

    29 June

    Feast of St-Peter and St-Paul (Rome), Tuesday

    17 & 18 July

    Festa del Redentore (Venice), Saturday and Sunday

    11 August

    Festival of Saint Clare (Assisi), Wednesday

    12 August

    Feast of St Rufino (Assisi), Thursday

    15 August

    Feast of SS Assunta (Assisi), Sunday

    19 September

    Feast of St-Gennaro (Naples), Sunday

    21 November

    Festival of the Virgin Mary (Venice), Sunday

    6 December

    Festival of San Nicola (Bari), Monday

    7 December

    Festival of Saint Ambroise (Milan), Tuesday